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Which domain registrar is more suitable to buy, register or keep (renew) domains?

There are several solutions to this question:

  • rely on personal preference
  • independently assess the advantages and disadvantages of the selected registrars
  • review price comparison of registrars from Regery

Here you can find best domain registrar for your needs. Unlike other services for comparing domain registrars, such as: domcomp, tld-list, domaincompare, comparison from Regery allows you to review the largest number of registrars. The service contains more than 120 popular domain registrars with a list of free services that are provided with the purchase of a domain, as well as payment methods supported by each registrar.

Here you can estimate how many domain zones each registrar provides, how many domains (tld, ccTld, gTld) are the cheapest for purchase (registration), renewal or transfer.

The system updates registrars prices every hour.