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.IN.UA - one of the most popular domain extension for Ukraine

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Prices for domains in zone .IN.UA
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Marketing Direction

The domain name in the IN.UA extension is well suited for companies and organizations that are engaged in the services of different directions.

Easy .IN.UA Domain Registration

Find your desired name in .IN.UA domain area, easily register .IN.UA domain and build your presence in the internet

IDN Support

IDN support is provided, which will be an ideal solution for organizations and companies.

When to Renew?

You can renew a domain name in the .IN.UA extension at any time, until the end of the domain’s validity period. You can also use the auto-renewal feature for IN.UA domain.

Validity Period

A domain in the .IN.UA area can be purchased for a period of 1 to 10 years.

Domain Name Size

Size of .IN.UA domain is in the range from 2 to 63 characters

Registration and purchase of domain .IN.UA

Domain is an email utility, which can be used to both legal entities and individuals. Its opening does not require users to specify any additional data. That is why more and more people choose this domain zone — a short and quickly memorable.

IN.UA — domain, which is distinguished by its expressiveness and uniqueness, can significantly increase the popularity of the portal.

The main advantages that differ in the domain

Domain zone currently enjoys substantial popularity. This is due to the advantages and advantages of this e-mail address, such as:

  1. Availability. Any person, company, organization, firm and Association can use this domain zone to create their own website.
  2. Easy registration. A network user only needs to find his / her name and pay for a certain period of use.

Domain — this is a name that can be a great choice for anyone who needs to create a virtual presence on the Internet. IN.UA it is one of the most popular domains in Ukraine. It is distinguished by its brevity, easy to remember and search.

IDN Support

A domain name in .IN.UA area can contain national letters as it supports IDN. IDN technique provides the ability to register domains in various languages, the list of them is determined by each specific domain zone. Domain names are stored in punicode format in the form like xn--xxxxx. Regery services automatically convert domain names to a readable format to easily search and register domains.

Regional Domain Area

IN.UA is a regional domain extension (ccTLD). Regional domain areas are assigned to countries, states or regions. Often consist of two characters, for example .RU, .US, .EU, .BZ, .IN. There are also gccTLD domain zones. These include national domain zones (ccTLDs) and it is open to all (gTLDs). These zones include the Micronesian domain extension .FM, which is used for radio and music everywhere.

Open up additional features from Regery for your business
Alerts & Notifications

Monitor the status of your domain name in .IN.UA extension or another domain area, and get instant notifications.

Auto Renewal Service

The auto renewal service take care of your .IN.UA domain and renew it on time. You can always enable or disable the auto renewal service.

Free .IN.UA Domain Forwarding

On the Regery services a FREE domain visitors forwarding from the .IN.UA domain to another is available. This is very convenient if you need to redirect visitors from .IN.UA site to a new web resource.

Email Forwarding

Forward e-mail from a domain in .IN.UA area to another e-mail address. With Regery services this is easy.

Free Domain Locking for .IN.UA

Free domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your name servers.

Simple .IN.UA Domain Transfer

Transfer .IN.UA domain to the Regery services, it is a simple and secure process. You keep current validity period of the domain and get an additional year for Free. Also, we can carry out the process of transferring your .IN.UA domain for you for Free.

Support IDN

Regery services support domain name registration in any language.

Easy DNS

Manage your domain host records and create your sub-domains, e-mail, ftp, and website location from easy control panel.

Easy Control Panel

Simple and intuitive control panel interface

All Day Support

Regery 24/7 customer support will solve all service issues and will minimize their appearance.

SSL Certificates

At the moment, security plays an important role in the operation of sites and in order to work the site over a secure HTTPS protocol, an SSL certificate must be enabled. This can be a free SSL certificate from Comodo for 3 months or Let's Encrypt for 3 months, or it can be a well-known SSL certificate from Thawte up to 2 years.