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SSL Certificates

Resource protection is extremely important for business successful operation. Modern browsers force webmasters to issue and install certificates, the support of HSTS lists ensure that site is protected from end to end without HTTP unsecure fallbacks and all this move the importance of SSL to the next level. Modern Internet is secure internet. Choose a suitable offer at a reasonable price from leading brands. The system selects and generates a security certificate, so you can switch your site to secure connection in easy way.

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Regery offers customers a wide selection of domain extensions. Convenient search, check, and easy domain name registration help you to find and buy a domain at a low price. You can register a domain for a corporate portal or personal site. It’s convenient and fast to choose suitable available domain names for web resources using our services. We offer the possibility of transfer and renewal of the name. Comparison of prices for services allows you to understand that the long-term perspective with our support is extremely profitable.

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Control Panel

Regery Control Panel is a set of tools for managing domain names, SSL certificates, hosting, web monitoring, notification subsystem, billing, security. It is built from ground up, with convenience and safety in mind. Control Panel is a constantly evolving web site, all requests from our customers are processed and are taken into account when we start building new cool features. Domain management is not an easy thing especially if you are new to the topic, and our goal is to make your journey as simple and easy as possible.

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Managed WordPress

WordPress is a popular CMS template that is adopted and successfully used by many users around the world. Regery solves all technical problems that keeping appear again and again for new customers, boosts WordPress installation and management. Regery complies all necessary requirements for hosting WordPress and offers the perfect choice of hosting, which will provide users with the most necessary features.

Boost your business with online presence

Unlike other companies that provide hosting for the blog "Wordpress", our managed hosting has the following advantages:

  • convenient admin panel with quick automatic installation of CMS Wordpress and ease control
  • tooling for Wordpress backup/restore with access directly from Control Panel
  • SFTP access to manage your files
  • quick transition to https - just enter your SSL
  • favorable rates at an affordable cost
  • free professional advice on all questions


Earn up to 50% from sales on Regery. It is so easy to start making money with Regery. Become a Regery afiliate. Being an affiliate is beneficial for both you and your visitors. Visitors receive products at great prices from the rapidly growing domain registrar, and you get money for the relevant purchases that visitors make through your affiliate link! What you need to start? Just register an account, get your partner link and use it in social networks, blogs, forums, your websites.


Follow desired domain name

If you want some domain name you do not own you can wait till it expires and immediately register it. And Regery will help you to track external domain names. Get notified when domain is Registered, Renewed, Expired or Released. Just start search with our advanced search engine and click "star" on a domain you want. After this use our Control Panel to see what exact the status of external domain is. This feature is free for every customer. Join Regery and get more cool features!

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Web Site monitoring

Reduce the downtime of your website. Get notifications once service is unavailable, react immediately and protect your customers and business. There is nothing worse than your site collapsing, and you heard about it from someone else.

Be always online

Our monitoring tool will help you to track your web site almost in real time. Regery created a smart notification system and you can get alarm notifications at any time on you phone or email. Beautiful graphs will show the response time and errors, track availability and detect anomalies in one place. Now we are offering free subscription without any obligations.

Free Email forwarding

For all domains that are hosted on Regery Free DNS Email forwarding can be configured for free. If you already have an account on GMail, AOL or any other mailing system and want to redirect all emails from mailbox under you domain name then Email forwarding is something that can help you. Even more, email forwarding can help in SSLs activation or identity protection. Redirect you emails, expose branded mailbox names and move your business to the next level

URL Forwarding

For all domains that are hosted on Regery Free DNS URL forwarding can be configured for free. URL forwarding, is a WWW technique for making a web page available under more than one URL address. This is the feature that can help you in SEO, shorten URL, prevent broken links, privacy protection. Temporal or permanent redirects are available. Our backend servers will do the main work for you, no need to setup your own web hosts, just focus on your business and leave all hard stuff for us.

TwoFactor Authentication

Security is one of our main priorities. All our servers are protected and internal processes are made in a secure way. TwoFactor Authentication procedure creates another step in your authentication flow and ensures that secure PIN is provided before access to your control panel is granted. This feature like many other services is free. Regery is not going to stop securing it's services, more advanced and convenient tools will be provided, and you can be sure that your property guaranteed to be protected for 100%.

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