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Use our free online SSL certificate decoder tool to decode SSL certificate in order to make sure that your SSL certificate is valid and not expired. you can use this tool to decode your PEM, DER, or PFX encoded SSL certificate and verify that all the information is correct. All you need to do is copy your SSL certificate into the text field below.

The correct SSL certificate should:
start with '-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----'
and ends with '-----END CERTIFICATE-----'.

As soon as the SSL certificate is decoded, it will describe the following information: Issued date, Expiration date, Private Key information, Serial number, Key size, Common name, SAN domains, Organization, E-mail address, Country and other technical details.
Paste SSL certificate or browse to upload file for decode

Once the SSL certificate is installed on the web server, you can use the SSL Certificate Checker Tool to check HTTPS connection to website and make sure that is installed correctly.

Online free cloud space for SSL Certificates and CSR Requests

When you order SSL Certificates from Regery Services you get free and protected online cloud space for your CSR requests, Private keys and SSL Certificates. In case you accidentally lost or deleted your SSL Certificate, you can always download it from the Regery SSL Certificates Control Panel.