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Domain is a site address or extension name. The Regery website provides different domain zones - national, general, for business, entertainment, marketing, medical, and so on. We offer a large selection of top-level zones at one of the lowest prices in Ukraine. You can buy a name and manage it through a convenient panel. We have created a convenient resource, which presents a grouped list of domain zones, among which you can choose the best option. If you are interested in a specific domain zone, click on the link, compare and select.

National Domain Areas

The popular abbreviation is ccTLD. The list is reserved by certain countries, independent territories and states. There are several ccTLDs that apply as generic brand names (like gccTLDs). National domain areas are usually two-character. 

.ua .kz .me .tk .to .ws .eu .ch .is .us .it .as .de .au .md

Popular Generic Domain Extensions

Domains appeared one of the first. The names show the direction of the company or indicate the country in which it is located. For example, domains of the first level in the direction of activity: .com – commercial organizations, telecommunication services - .net, .info - information sites.

.com .net .org .info .biz .top

Thematic Domain Ares

Cultural and thematic names consist of three or more letters that indicate the subject of the site. Examples are business .biz, education .edu, professional services .pro, and so on. Names .sexy, .photo, .studio, .life relate to relatively new, the opinions of webmasters regarding their use are different (neutral options are considered more effective).

.life .pro .graphics .photography .photos .pictures .studio .city .cruises .flights .guide .holiday

New gTLD domain extensions

New gTLDs are top-level domains. Applications for participation in the creation of names began to be accepted in 2012. Everyone has the opportunity to open a new personal domain. You can use one or several words, the possibility of registration is available to everyone. New New gTLDs simplify the search for names for sites, reflect the theme, activity.

.camera .dev .page .app .guru .today .camera

Regery Benefits

Regery accepts applications for registration on the principle of first appeal - whoever first paid for a domain, receives it. Under the payment is meant transfer of funds to the registrar account. If the application cannot be processed, the money is returned to the sender.

Regery advantages:

  • Convenient control panel.
  • Partner programs.
  • Conclusion of contracts directly.
  • Full automation of the interaction between the registrar and the client.
  • Free parking service.
  • Free contacts privacy.
  • Free Email, Url Forwarding services.

Regery services support the domain configuration feature to ensure correct operation. The control panel will be available information on the domain, as well as domain management tools, setting privacy, redirects, DNS records and much more. Registered names can be used on any hosting.