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Check points locations

How to check web site for availability easy and for free

The feature site check for accessibility from Regery is free. If you want to grow your business, a store, website, company portal should always be online. You can test its operation from anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. Everything is done very simply and quickly.

Why do I need a domain check for accessibility

The service check domain for availability is important in many cases. If money is invested in advertising, and visitors cannot get into the online store, order the service, the funds will be wasted.

Often the feature site availability check is used to maintain the company's reputation at a high level. If the portal is not available, something does not work, many customers will find it worthless and put it on their blacklist.

How to monitor your web portal for availability

Many of us do not know how to check the domain for performance. Make it very easy. It is necessary to do the following:

  1. Select the type of HTTP or HTTPS verification.
  2. Enter the site name (domain name).
  3. Choose a point of location, a place from which performance will be checked, one or several countries.
  4. Click the check button.

The website is monitored online using various methods: HEAD, GET, POST. Each check emulates a visitor’s visit. This determines the response time and download speed of the site.

The benefits of the monitoring service

Check the availability of the site through the service will help to control your project, and keep it workable always. A non-working site or corporate mail brings material and reputational losses that can and should be avoided.

Visitors do not like it when something does not work, you cannot make an order, and they will not revisit such a resource. Understanding that the site is not accessible from any country, you can quickly correct the error. Many use the service in order to check the performance of their own script, other developments.

The locations of check points are located in all continents. The list includes the following countries:

  • USA;
  • India
  • Singapore;
  • Japan;
  • Germany;
  • Korea
  • France
  • Australia and some others.

Verification is made on modern technologies, innovative equipment is used. A HEAD request to the site is automatically sent; if it is not responsible for a certain time, one or more checks are initiated. If there is no answer a second time, then a report is generated on its inaccessibility.

It is recommended to check the web site for performance several times a day and even more frequently. It is especially important to do this if any changes are made to its structure, something changes. If the site is unavailable, this may be due to poor performance of the hosting provider. Often resources damage viruses.

If the problem is not in the portal, then it is recommended to choose a better hosting, which will have a constantly high speed, the availability of servers is about 100%. There are a lot of checking services in the network and almost all of them take money. You can check the availability of your online store, portal in Regery quickly and for Free.