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Domain checking service

If you want to successfully promote your products / services on the Internet or starting a blog, you will need to create a website. Let's say that you already have a name, but what should you do after that? You should start by checking the domain name.

Why do this?

Everything is simple - most interesting and catchy domains have long been occupied, so you have to somehow solve this problem. And for this purpose there are the services of domain verification, that helping to find free names. If you have a couple of ready-made titles, you just need to write them into the input field one at a time. After that, the system will produce the result, which includes:

  • Availability;
  • domain cost;
  • name and type.

What is the advantage of mass verification?

It's best to check the name in several domain zones. Why you should do this? It's simple: if the name you are interested in is occupied in one region, it is quite possible that it will be free in another. For example, mywebsite.com can be occupied, but mywebsite.ru is possibly free.

Verification by your own takes a lot of time from you, so it's better to do it through the service called Regery. To verify, just enter the search word, and you will see a list of zones where it is not occupied, and all this will be done in seconds and absolutely free.

Another advantage of the service is that after checking you can see information about the owner of the site where the name of interest is used. Almost always all information is given in an impersonal form, but there is always a form of feedback. Contacting the owner of the site, you can always agree on its purchase.

What to do when the name is occupied in all regions at once?

There are only two reasons:

  • A large corporation bought up domains in all zones in advance.
  • The chosen name is similar to the name of a well-known brand.

In the first case everything is simple - a large corporation bought up all the domains by bargain prices and it does not really matter if they work. This is done in advance, as many companies think about their work for many years to come, so it's possible that in a couple of years they will enter the new market and they will need this domain.

The second case is not so simple. Smaller companies and cunning businessmans are in response for this, as they are buying up the name after entering the market of a new popular product. For example, in all zones the domain name "iPhone" has been occupied for a long time, but this does not mean that they are all owned by Apple.

What’s next?

So, the search is finished, and you see all the domains available for purchase. Choose the one you like most and add it to your "cart". Then just fill out all forms and pay for the purchase.

Domain registration

Having bought the domain, we proceed to registration. Note that the domain can be registered for a certain period, from one to 10 years. Also do not forget that this is more a lease than a full-fledged purchase - the domain will never be occupied by you forever.

In addition, to settle all formalities, you will need documents. Each zone has its own rules, but everywhere you will need a passport. As soon as the registration period is completed, the domain will be put up for re-sale.