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Use our free online tool to decode the CSR request in order to make sure that your CSR code is correct and can be used to order an SSL certificate. All you need to do is copy your CSR request into the text field below.

The correct CSR code should:
start with '-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----'
and ends with '-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----'.

As soon as the CSR request is decoded, it will describe the following information: Organization, Department, Common name, City, State, E-mail address, Country and other technical details. If you will get any errors during decode, we recommend you to
 re-create the CSR request.
Paste CSR code for decode

Free online cloud storage for CSR Requests and SSL Certificates

When you order SSL Certificates from Regery Services you get free and protected online cloud storage for your CSR requests, Private keys and SSL Certificates. In case you accidentally lost or deleted your SSL Certificate, you can always download it from the Regery SSL Certificates Control Panel.