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Why do you need a domain name generator?

Regery Instant Domain Generator allows you to quickly generate a list of domains for registration. The domain generation service makes it easy to create professional domain names in just a few steps.

How does the creation of domains work?

The system generates domains from a template based on random data lists.


The template is a sequence of letters or numbers (for example: ####), each letter in the template can be replaced during processing. Each element in a template can be a Tag of a list of random data, or it can be just a symbol or a word.

Random Data Sources

The lists of random data can be configured by quantity and by content. Each list of random characters or words consists of:

  • The Tag that is used in the template.
  • A list of characters and words, for example: sdfkjhkqwe or word1|word2|word3

The system processes the template character by character and checks whether the current character in the template is a Tag of data or not. If it is a character, it leaves it unchanged, and if it is the Tag, then it takes the data of this Tag and gets a random character, if it is just a set of characters, or takes a word, if it is words separated by the separator '|'.

Examples of using

Simple example

For example, we want to create a list of simple domain names, in which there are just letters and numbers.

What should be done?

  1. Create Tag # with the character set: abcdefjhijklmnopqrstuvwzyx
  2. Create Tag $ with a set of numbers: 1234567890
  3. Create a template, for example: ##$##
  4. Choose a domain zone, for example .com

Examples (template: result)

  • #$:,,
  • ####$:,
  • ####$$:,
  • #$#$#$:,

Example with keywords

Imagine that we need readable and popular domain names in the category: cars.

What should be done?

  1. Collect keywords: car, machine, engine, auto, wheels
  2. Create Tag # with these words: car|machine|engine|auto|wheel
  3. Create Tag $ with a set of prefixes: hot|red|gold|fast|just|super|massive
  4. Create template, for example: #-$
  5. Choose domain zone, for example .com

Examples (template: result)

  • $#:,
  • #-$:,
  • get-#:,
  • the#:,