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What is domain bulk transfers?

Domain bulk transfer is the process of transferring multiple domain names to Regery registrar in a single order. This can be useful for individuals or organizations that want to consolidate their domain names under one Regery account.

How to prepare domains for batch transfer?

Domains should be unlocked for transfer on current registrar, if this flag is supported by exact domain area. Also disable privacy protection, whois privacy, whois guard, disable trustee or local presence services on your domain contacts. Check that your domains are active and not expired. Renew domains if domain will be expired after few days.

How to create domain transfers in bulk?

In the domain batch transfer, the domains are typically moved to cart in bulk through an automated process. Each row in the list is domain and auth code bunch separated by delimiter. Many delimiters in the domain auth code bunch supported, such as comma, colon, semicolon. When auth code is not supported, it can be omitted.


It is important to note that domain bulk transfers from Regery allows you to easily add domains to cart and initiate transfers, but we recommend to watch and verify each transfer, because it can be rejected by current registrar or registry