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How to transfer a domain to another registrar?

If your hosting and domain belong to different providers, over time it becomes relevant to merge the domain and hosting on the same account. Easier, faster and more profitable to make a domain transfer to a reliable provider of Regery, providing hosting and domain names.

Domain transfer is process of change the company which manages of your domain name.

The most important moment during the transfer is to make sure that the new registrar to which you plan to migrate and continue the service is ready to provide you, as a customer, with ample opportunities to manage the domain.

Why transfer to the Regery domain registrar

Check out the short list of services provided by Regery:

  • excellent prices not only for the purchase, but also for the renewal and transfer of the domain;
  • functions of change contact information;
  • option to hide personal data (free, unlike other registrars);
  • the ability to register, further change and adjust DNS servers;
  • simple renew of the transferred domain;
  • notifications, including SMS and automatic renewals;
  • functions of redirecting mail to the real e-mail address;
  • domain forwarding to another site;
  • site monitoring (free);
  • affiliate program;
  • multilevel system of discounts;
  • support;

Domain transfer is a standard procedure performed on Regery quickly and easily. And you can also transfer a domain with a minimum of your participation on a turnkey basis by Regery experts.

In what situations do I need a domain transfer?

It makes sense to do the transfer of domains in the case when you have several domains and they are all registered with different companies. This happens when site developers collaborate with certain domain registrars and when creating a site they take care of the domain registration and hosting.

In such a situation, a great solution would be to transfer domains to one specific domain company.

A variety of reasons and factors may push you to change the domain maintenance company. So, for example, if your domain names for sites were previously registered with several companies that are not related to each other, and you suddenly decided to put them together and place them with one registrar. In this case, the most convenient and correct option for you will be to transfer all domains to a single provider of domain services.

It also happens that the pricing policy of the company is not satisfactory or prices have been dramatically raised without notice. In this case, it is also worth doing domain transfer, in the end, financially, you still win.

Note that we are a Regery company, we conduct a flexible pricing policy, present discounts and think over loyalty systems for our customers, so you can be sure that when ordering services for registering or transferring domains, you will receive high-quality, profitable and reliable results.

Domain Transfer Procedure (I will transfer)

The transfer procedure to Regery is not complicated:

  1. The first and main thing to do is to get the transfer code (auth code, epp code) from the current registrar.
    It is usually located in your domain control panel.
    If it is not there, then it can be obtained by request via support. Before the request, we recommend to update the domain contacts to the real data. For Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, old registrars often use such trick - they ask for an application and verify the name in the application with domain contacts and reject the transfer request if contact data are not the same. Do not let them to earn money from you - update your contacts, then request a transfer code.
  2. Next step is to remove the domain transfer lock (transfer prohibit) flag from the current registrar. If the transfer code is provided by request, the registrar support person will remove the restriction. If the transfer code can be taken independently, then the transfer lock also needs to be removed independently.
  3. The last step is to create the transfer request to Regery, specifying the transfer (authorize) code.
    1. Enter the domain in the search form and click Search
    2. When the domain transfer form will appear, specify the transfer code there
    3. Send the domain to the cart and make the payment
  4. Everything! Other technical details will pass unnoticed in automatic mode.

Domain Transfer Procedure (transfer it for me)

The transfer procedure to Regery by company specialists is even simpler:

  1. Enter the domain in the search form and click Search
  2. In the domain transfer form appeared, select option 'transfer domain for me
  3. Specify access credentials to the current registrar
  4. Send the domain to the cart and make the payment
  5. The companys specialists will get the transfer code and process domain transfer for you. You will get transfer  application if it will be required by current registrar.

When transferring your domain to us, we will provide comprehensive technical support on any step.