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How to transfer a domain to another Registrar?

If you're hosting and domain belong to different providers, at some stage there is a need to combine them in one account. It is easier, more economical and easier to transfer a domain to a trusted provider “Regery”, which provides hosting and domain names.

To transfer a domain means to fully provide the name and domain to support another domain Registrar.

Changing the Registrar, although easier, requires an analytical approach, safety, the theses of which are regulated by the standards for the transfer of domain names.

The main thing is to make sure that the selected Registrar is ready to provide ample opportunities for the client to effectively manage the domain.

How to choose a domain Registrar?

According to the list of services required for the vast majority of domain zones:

  • potential for contact information changes;
  • possibility of registration, correction of DNS-servers;
  • the extension of the term of the transferred domain.

If you provide the above three services, you can start transferring your domain.

Please note that re-registration of a domain sometimes involves the provision of your personal data. Not everyone is ready for this, but it will give you the opportunity to significantly improve the degree of protection, and then someone else's interference is excluded (or difficult).

Sometimes, under special circumstances, the transfer of domain zones is blocked, if you do not provide a copy of the passport, TIN, hand-made application with a notarized signature and confirmation of state registration with the company seal.

In the absence of the documents can be denied registration and transfer, which is why it is important to collect the package in advance.

But most often the domain transfer is done easily and quickly.

In what situations do I need a domain transfer?

If you have several of them, decorated in different companies. This is typical for those situations when the developers of the resource work with several registrars and, creating a website, make out the ownership of the domain and hosting.

Then it is reasonable to transfer domains to any one company.

Another case is when domain names for resources are previously registered in a number of disparate companies, and you need to put them together. Then it is better to transfer all domains to any one Registrar.

Sometimes the decision to transfer domains arises because of the company's pricing policy, for example, in case of an unexpected sharp increase in prices. Then it is also advisable to transfer domains-it will be more profitable.

The company “Regery” has a democratic and flexible pricing policy, provides discounts and is constantly working on a loyalty system for customers. Ordering registration or transfer of domains from us, you can count on a high, reliable and stable result.

Steps of domain transfer

This process is standard.

First, you contact the Registrar currently serving you and ask for permission to transfer the domain.

The second step is to ask the new domain name provider for service.

There may be options for these options, but the essence is one.

Regarding a number of popular domain zones, such as com and / or org, biz and others, the transfer is done using a special secret key — EPP key (AUTHCODE).

The authorization code consists of 8-20 numbers and letters, including special characters:$%#, etc. Such code is very difficult to find the fraudsters.

After receiving the code, the new domain Registrar sends a request for domain transfer. Sometimes companies send a notification to an email address that confirms the account registration. And only then begins the transfer itself.

If you decide to be serviced by us, we are ready to accompany you at all stages of work.