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Domain Name Registration

Domain is the alphanumeric identification of your site, a necessary component of the virtual address. In order for users to find your resource, domain registration is required - a fairly simple and cheap procedure. Typically, domains include numbers in the range of 0-9, letters of the alphabet (Latin or Cyrillic) and hyphens. Domains are of three levels - zero, first and second.

To link a specific address with your resource, you need to contact the registrar. There are not many companies accredited to conduct such activities. One of these companies is REGERY. We have long been providing services related to the domain industry, helping businessmen succeed in online space. REGERY is the leading domain registrar to place orders without any problems.

What do you get

First you need to select the domain area in which you want to register. Domain extensions are national and common (managed by IANA). The choice depends solely on your needs and tasks facing the site. Here are examples of the most popular domain zones:

  • Common (.com, .biz, .net);
  • International (.top, .io, .club, .eu).
  • Ukrainian (.ua,,, .укр);
  • Russian (.рф, .ru).

There are also thematic domain areas - they are associated with various activities. You can register a domain in United States, but at the same time it will look like ".legal" and hint at the fact that you offer legal services. There are areas for real estate trade, travel, sports, education, politics - and not just list.

Ordering a domain from us, you get in the kit:

  1. Search and check for identical names.
  2. Free SSL certificate.
  3. Protect whois data for Free.
  4. Mail redirection (from domain to your address, for example, to @
  5. Redirecting URLs (from the site address to another web resource).
  6. Support.
  7. Convenient control panel.
  8. IDN support.
  9. Security guarantees.

Nuances of domain name registration

From the point of view of legislation, domain name registration is tied to the legal field of the country in which you intend to conduct business. 

In Russia, you will need data from your passport, including the number, series, conditions of issue and registration. 

In Ukraine, the name of the brand and domain must match. The right holder provides documents confirming the fact of ownership of the brand (the term for processing the applicant's documentation usually does not exceed five days).

It is most difficult to register in the European Union - for this you need to constantly live in one of the EU countries. Similar rules apply in Asia and United States.

If you have expired domain registration and you need to renew, you should think about the methods of payment, the cost of services and the convenience of the panel. In REGERY, you can extend a domain quickly, without being distracted by the inconvenient interface and English-language support. Our prices are pleasantly surprising. Sign up now!