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Register a domain in the .UA zone in Ukraine for trademark owners (TM)

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Prices for domains in zone .UA
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Brief Area for All

This short .UA domain area, which is available to all. Does not contain regional restrictions, everyone can register a domain name in the .UA zone.

International Names

Due to IDN support, a domain in UA area may contain international characters and names

When to Renew?

You can renew a domain name in the .UA extension at any time, until the end of the domain’s validity period. You can also use the auto-renewal feature for UA domain.

Registration Period

Registration period of .UA domain name is from 1 year to 10 years

Domain Name Size

Size of .UA domain is in the range from 2 to 63 characters

Registering the .UA domain

According to the information provided by, only 557 thousand addresses are registered with the .UA domain. A huge number of beautiful web address names are waiting for their lucky owners. For comparison, 128 million sites are using the famous ‘.com’ domain. There is only one nuance to consider. The .UA domain only accepts the owners of trademarks officially registered in Ukraine. This stops many who want to get a sound address for the site.

How to get a .UA domain?

There are two ways to do so:

  • Spend some money and work with a trustworthy company;
  • Or spend time and nerves while doing everything yourself.

It is up to you to choose.

General registration algorithm:

  • Choose a perfect .UA domain.
  • We select the name of the brand under the desired address.
  • Choose one or more trademark registration classes. There are exactly 45. For example, the 15th grade is used for the sale of musical instruments, etc.
  • We check the uniqueness of the chosen name in the patent base. None of the 45 classes should have a trademark with the same name.
  • We pay the state fee.
  • We submit an application to Ukrainian Patent Office for trademark registration.
  • We wait for documents to arrive. Registration speed depends on the selected procedure.
  • We receive a certificate of trademark registration.
  • We register your .UA domain. You only need to specify the license number for the brand.
  • If everything is done correctly, you have your brand new address ready.

How long does it take to register a trademark?

There are two registration options:

  • Normal - dates are not set, but it usually takes about 1.5 years.
  • Fast – everything will be ready in 5 months.

The fast option costs more but has a huge benefit. If you chose to use the normal option, someone else might take your domain name before you register it. For example, you have selected the domain name You apply for the "VKRESLE" trademark and wait a year and a half. While you are waiting, somebody else can apply for the same trademark, but using a fast option. That means, that they will obtain their certificate and successfully register the domain much faster. In this case, you will not be able to register the chosen name anymore, and all the waiting time will go to waste. To avoid this, you need to weigh the risks. If the trademark is popular, it is definitely better to pay for a fast option.

Why can they refuse to register my trademark?

Refusal to register a trademark will result in the inability to buy a .UA domain. There are several reasons for refusal:

  • The trademark with the same or with a very similar name already exists.
  • The name is a common name or goods or services. For example, TM “FURNITURE” may not be registered, while “Karl’s FURNITURE” will have no registration problems.
  • The name is associated with state symbols and names. This means that the chances of registering a “Ukraine” trademark are close to zero.
  • The name may be misleading the buyer. For example, the TM “KOVRY” (meaning 'carpets') is registered in the wrong 38th class (it is for telecommunication services, not carpets).

Fonts and characters in domain names

If the trademark name was written in Cyrillic, then its translation into the domain name will be made using the transliteration rules. For example, the “домен.уа” will turn into “” (as you can see, the words might get misspelled this way). The symbols and characters, that are used to give the brand a unique name (such as @, &, or :) will not be used when creating a domain name.

IDN Support

The .UA domain extension supports Internationalized Domain Names. IDNs are foreign language domain names that include non-ASCII characters. You can register an IDN using the native language characters or standard punycode character format. If you enter the language characters, we convert it to punycode and register the punycode version with the registry. To view characters in an IDN, you must adjust your language settings in your Web browser. If you can't see the characters, you might need to install a foreign language pack. For more information, see the Help for your Web browser.

Country Code Domain Extension

Current domain area .UA is the ccTLD, or Country Code Top-Level Domain, is a domain extension reserved by a country, sovereign state or territory. Country code top-level domains are typically denoted by only being two characters, like .UA, .US, .UK or .DE. There are several ccTLDs that are also used as generic brand domain extensions, or gccTLDs, including .CO, .US, .ME, .WS, .GE or .LY

Open up additional features from Regery for your business
Alerts & Instant Notifications

Regery services keeps monitoring of your .UA domain and cand send priority e-mails and SMS notifications.

Auto Renewals

You do not need to watch expiration date to make sure you renew .UA domain on time. Auto renew feature keeps your domains, ssl certificates and other products in your account and under your control.

Free .UA Domain & URL Forwarding

Forward all visitors of your current domain name 'current-store.UA' to new domain 'new-store.UA' for FREE. Domain & URL forwarding are available for FREE on Regery services.

Free Email Redirection

You can forward e-mails which come to your service@yourdomain.UA to popular email services like gmail to With Regery services it is Free and easy.

Free Domain Locking for .UA

Free domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your name servers.

Simple .UA Domain Transfer

Transfer .UA domain to the Regery services, it is a simple and secure process. You keep current validity period of the domain and get an additional year for Free. Also, we can carry out the process of transferring your .UA domain for you for Free.

Several languages

You can register selected domain name in the UA area in your native or English language

Fast DNS system

Configure all DNS records (MX, A, NS, TXT, ...) in a single system. Url address redirection is free. For example, redirect all visitors from the old site oldstore.UA to the new new-ultra-store.UA for free.

Easy Control Panel

Simple and intuitive control panel interface

Quality Support

Regery provides high-quality, round-the-clock customer support all 7 days a week

SSL Certificates

At the moment, security plays an important role in the operation of sites and in order to work the site over a secure HTTPS protocol, an SSL certificate must be enabled. This can be a free SSL certificate from Comodo for 3 months or Let's Encrypt for 3 months, or it can be a well-known SSL certificate from Thawte up to 2 years.