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Regery services
6.69 $ 5.86 $/yr
 6.69 $/yr
 5.86 $

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+34.13 $ (+582%)
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101 Domain
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1&1 Ionos
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Popularity & Prestige

A domain in a popular IN area will emphasize the status of an Internet resource. Large companies often register their domain also in the IN zone to eliminate competitors and to prevent fraud.

Short Domain for Everyone

For businesses and individuals. Starting your digital journey or taking your business to the next level. Welcome aboard with your own .IN domain.

Easy .IN Domain Registration

Buy domain in the .IN domain area, register . IN domain and create your presence on the Internet

Renewal Policy

Domain renew in .IN domain area is possible at any time, but before domain deletion.

Available for Everyone

Find your desired name, easily register it and start growing. This domain extension .IN is globally available for everyone

Registration Period

Registration period of .IN domain name is from 1 year to 10 years

Domain Name Size

Size of .IN domain is in the range from 2 to 63 characters

.IN — domain extension of the first level for India. To register a domain name for a site in the area .IN to 2005 was almost impossible. This was due to the strict requirements for registration of the name in the zone .IN. The liberalization of registration rules in 2005 led to a significant increase in registrations, including abroad.

As of March 2010, the number of domain names registered in the zone .IN more than 700 thousand addresses, with 60% of registrations were carried out by users from India. By October 2011, the number of domain names in the zone .IN has exceeded 1 million addresses. As of 2018, according to the administrator, the number of domain names in the zone .IN is more than 2.5 million addresses.

Domain registration .IN is a fairly quick and easy process. Buy a domain name .IN can be both large organizations and owners of simple Internet portals, it is not necessary to be a resident of India. This domain zone is preferred by many large corporations in the world.

Open Domain Area

IN domain zone is open for everyone without restrictions, does not require citizenship or trademark. Suitable for everyone, from individuals and entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Regional Domain Area

IN is a regional domain extension (ccTLD). Regional domain areas are assigned to countries, states or regions. Often consist of two characters, for example .RU, .US, .EU, .BZ, .IN. There are also gccTLD domain zones. These include national domain zones (ccTLDs) and it is open to all (gTLDs). These zones include the Micronesian domain extension .FM, which is used for radio and music everywhere.

Take advantage of additional services from Regery today
Alerts & Instant Notifications

Regery services keeps monitoring of your .IN domain and cand send priority e-mails and SMS notifications.

Free Privacy Protection for Whois

The company provides Free protection of contact information for the domain Whois service.

Auto Renew

Clients do not need to worry about forgetting the expiration of the IN domain. SSL certificates and all other products will be saved in the account registered in the Regery service.

Free .IN Domain & URL Forwarding

Forward all visitors of your current domain name 'current-store.IN' to new domain 'new-store.IN' for FREE. Domain & URL forwarding are available for FREE on Regery services.

Email Forwarding

Forward e-mail from a domain in .IN area to another e-mail address. With Regery services this is easy.

Transfer Protection .IN Domain Name

Transfer protection .IN domain name allows you to prohibit the transfer of the domain from your account, and also allows you to prevent changes to your NS servers. The service is provided for FREE of charge on the Regery Services.

Easy .IN Domain Transfer

Regery services provide a simple, secure and fast domain transfer process .IN to Regery. During a domain transfer, you usually get an extra year of validity for free (not all extensions support it). Also, the transfer can be performed by our specialists, they will process the transfer process for you for free.

IDN, Internationalized Domain Names

You can register domain in .INFO, .COM, .ORG, .NET or another popular areas in native languages. Domain search is supported in any language.

Fast DNS Service

All records in the domain IN can be configured in the easy control panel. Create resource records, such as: CNAME, A, TXT, NS and others, forward mail from the virtual shop@mydomain.IN to the real address myshop123@gmail.com for FREE.

Easy Control Panel

Simple and intuitive control panel interface

All Day Support

Regery 24/7 customer support will solve all service issues and will minimize their appearance.

SSL Certificates

It is also recommended to connect an SSL certificate to the site so that it can be opened via a secure HTTPS protocol. Regery presents a full set of SSL certificates from well-known brands, such as RapidSSL. Free and cheap Comodo SSL certificates are also available.

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