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Prices for domains in zone .BANK

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 739.99 $/yr
 739.99 $/yr
 739.99 $

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Renewal Policy
Domain renew in .BANK domain area is possible at any time, but before domain deletion.
Domain Name Length
The length of the domain in the .BANK space is from 2 to 63 letters.
Registration Period
The minimum registration period of the BANK domain is one year, the maximum is 10 years years.

Register domain bank

The banking industry is developing rapidly - most payments are transferred online. A secure site with a suitable domain name is a vital necessity. Therefore, in the summer of 2015, the fTLD (financial top-level domains registry) service began registering specialized names for this industry at the initiative of the Association of American Bankers. So why not buy the BANK domain right now? Regery offers to register in a prestigious and secure area at a reasonable price. No need to regret.

What is the BANK domain?

This is a specialized domain space that is designed for the banking sector. The expansion will open the way for ongoing technical development and will allow you to reliably protect confidential information. Registration in the zone is fraught with increased security requirements and you can buy the BANK domain with full compliance of the site name with the legal name or trademark of the organization.

Pay attention to the following requirements:

  • the zone is intended for banks and savings associations;
  • Mandatory use of the DNSSEC security extension;
  • special authoritative DNS server;
  • preliminary approval of the application for compliance with fTLD safety rules;
  • only for sites that use SSL certificate;
  • TLS protocol version not lower than 1.2;
  • it is necessary to provide documents confirming the presence of a banking license and the right to register;
  • it is necessary to confirm the authority of the contact person to carry out actions on behalf of the organization;
  • Address and email must be current;
  • Sender authentication must be configured for email through SPF and DKIM or DMARC records;
  • The protection of the contact information of the domain owner is prohibited.

By attaching the site to the banking zone, you can conclude convenient and quick transactions, acquaint consumers with important news, and keep personal accounts in working order. The domain has strict requirements, so the likelihood of phishing and cybersquatting is significantly reduced.

Technical features

Registration deadlines are standard - 1-10 years. When renewing a domain, you must re-submit all documents for verification. Hosting and SSL certificates can also be connected to Regery. And here are the nuances regarding symbolic restrictions:

  • It is necessary to keep within the interval of 2-63 characters;
  • the selected name must end and begin with a letter (or number), a dash must not be set;
  • Latin is used, there is no IDN support.

For any questions, please contact our round-the-clock technical support.

International Domain Extension

Within the international SERPs is marked priority, making BANK domain extension profitable investment of material resources.

Discover the full potential of services from Regery for your site
Free Transfer Protection for .BANK Domain

Transfer protection for .BANK domain allows you to prevent accidental or intentional transfer of a domain name, and also prohibits anyone from changing your NS servers. The feature is FREE at Regery Services.

Free Privacy Protection for Whois

The company provides Free protection of contact information for the domain Whois service. Not all domain areas can use it, please check registry policy for particular domain extension.

Easy DNS

Manage your domain host records and create your sub-domains, e-mail, ftp, and website location from easy control panel.

Convenient Control Panel

Fast and adapted to any device or computer control panel

Free .BANK Domain Forwarding

On the Regery services a FREE domain visitors forwarding from the .BANK domain to another is available. This is very convenient if you need to redirect visitors from .BANK site to a new web resource.

Email Forwarding

Forward e-mail from a domain in .BANK area to another e-mail address. With Regery services this is easy.

Support IDN

Regery services support domain name registration in any language.

Easy .BANK Domain Transfer

Regery services provide a simple, secure and fast domain transfer process .BANK to Regery. During a domain transfer, you usually get an extra year of validity for free (not all extensions support it). Also, the transfer can be performed by our specialists, they will process the transfer process for you for free.

Alerts & Instant Notifications

Regery services keeps monitoring of your .BANK domain and cand send priority e-mails and SMS notifications.

Auto Renewal Service

The auto renewal service take care of your .BANK domain and renew it on time. You can always enable or disable the auto renewal service.

All Day Support

Regery 24/7 customer support will solve all service issues and will minimize their appearance.

SSL Certificates

At the moment, security plays an important role in the operation of sites and in order to work the site over a secure HTTPS protocol, an SSL certificate must be enabled. This can be a free SSL certificate from Comodo for 3 months or Let's Encrypt for 3 months, or it can be a well-known SSL certificate from Thawte up to 2 years.

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