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Prices for domains in zone .BIKE

Regery services
26.99 $ 10.99 $/yr
 26.99 $/yr
 26.99 $

Why choose the Regery registrar?

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44.05 $/yr

+33.06 $ (+301%)
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Domain Range
The size of .BIKE domain name is in the range from 1 to 63 characters.
Validity Period
A domain in the .BIKE area can be purchased for a period of 1 to 10 years years.
Available for Everyone
Find your desired name, easily register it and start growing. This domain extension .BIKE is globally available for everyone.
National Names
The BIKE domain can contain national letters and words in its name due to the implemented support for the IDN standard.
Renewal Policy
Domain renew in .BIKE domain area is possible at any time, but before domain deletion.
DNSSEC support
Regery supports DNSSEC for BIKE domains name. It is possible to sign domain name zone on registry
Local presence requirements
Domain can be registered without local presence restrictions
Free Whois Contacts Protection
Protect Whois contact data for domain using free Privacy Guard service. According to registry policy this feature can be disabled for some domains.

The BIKE domain is relevant for those who are somehow connected with the world of bike or motor transport. There are no territorial restrictions, so you can register and use the name in any country in the world. Buy a bike domain can individuals and legal entities for personal or corporate purposes.

Scope of use

The BIKE domain is suitable for:

  • Online bike and motorcycle shop
  • Repair shop
  • Dealers and manufacturers of motorcycles and bicycles
  • Personal blogs
  • News portals
  • Pages of thematic events
  • Competition organizers


  • Multifunctionality - the BIKE domain zone opens up scope for imagination. The type of content here is not limited. You can create an online store, information site, blog or business card site.
  • Thematic focus. The domain will emphasize the specifics of your activity. Even before going to the site, the user will understand that your project is related to bicycles and motorcycles.
  • Sound and memorability. The name immediately catches the eye. It is concise and easy to remember.
  • Large selection of free names. The domain zone appeared relatively recently - in 2014, and has a large number of addresses available for registration.

BIKE domain registration

To register in a domain zone, follow these steps:

  1.  Come up with a bright and sonorous combination. Focus on competitor sites. Choose the best items and similarly create your own. Do not use too long phrases. The optimal name size is up to 3 words. Give up dashes and numbers if they have no aesthetic or other meaning. They complicate the perception, and the main task of the name is to be so catchy and concise that the user remembers it.
  2.  Check the selected name for uniqueness. To do this, use the special verification service. If you find it difficult to independently come up with a name, you can contact the domain generator. The program will select the most relevant domain names for you, taking into account any wishes.
  3.  Apply for domain registration. No documents need to be attached, just enter your contact details and pay for the purchase. Until the funds are deposited, the domain remains available for registration by other users.

Usually registration takes place instantly. You will gain access to the domain after checking for uniqueness and compliance with the requirements of the selected coverage area.

Open Domain Extension
.BIKE domain extension is open for registration for everyone and does not require registration of a trademark or legal entity. Thus, this .BIKE domain area is ideal for registration for everyone, including small companies and startups.
IDN Support
The .BIKE domain extension supports Internationalized Domain Names. IDNs are foreign language domain names that include non-ASCII characters. You can register an IDN using the native language characters or standard punycode character format. If you enter the language characters, we convert it to punycode and register the punycode version with the registry. To view characters in an IDN, you must adjust your language settings in your Web browser. If you can't see the characters, you might need to install a foreign language pack. For more information, see the Help for your Web browser.
General Purpose Domain Extension
Traditional general-purpose domain areas are the well-known gTLD zones, such as .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, .INFO, .COM, called generic, classical, or traditional general-purpose domains. All domains in such ares are registered without restrictions and any requirements.
Open up additional features from Regery for your business
Alerts & Notifications
Monitor the status of your domain name in .BIKE extension or another domain area, and get instant notifications.
Free Whois Contacts Protection
Protect Whois contact data for domain using free Privacy Guard service. According to registry policy this feature can be disabled for some domains.
Validity period of .BIKE domain is temporary and to ensure that the domain is always in your control, Regery provides customers Free domain auto-renewal service. .BIKE domain will be automatically renewed at the end of its validity period. If you plan to renew the domain yourself, simply turn off this service in the domain settings.
Free Domain Forwarding & Masking
Redirect your domain name in .BIKE area to your new website for FREE, anyone who opens that domain name in a browser is moved directly to your new website. For example you have old website: my-old-shop.BIKE and you need to move all your visitors to new domain: my-best-store.BIKE, that is possible with Regery services.
Email Forwarding
Forward e-mail from a domain in .BIKE area to another e-mail address. With Regery services this is easy.
Free Domain Locking for .BIKE
Free domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your name servers.
Fast Transfer Support
The transfer process BIKE domain is characterized by the absence of any risk and is created with a few clicks.
Support IDN
Regery services support domain name registration in any language.
Fast DNS Service
All records in the domain BIKE can be configured in the easy control panel. Create resource records, such as: CNAME, A, TXT, NS and others, forward mail from the virtual [email protected] to the real address [email protected] for FREE.
Easy Control Panel
Simple and intuitive control panel interface
Support and prompt response to emerging requests
SSL Certificates
At the moment, security plays an important role in the operation of sites and in order to work the site over a secure HTTPS protocol, an SSL certificate must be enabled. This can be a free SSL certificate from Comodo for 3 months or Let's Encrypt for 3 months, or it can be a well-known SSL certificate from Thawte up to 2 years.

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