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Prices for domains in zone .SHOP

Regery services
25.99 $ 1.89 $/yr
 25.99 $/yr
 25.99 $

Why choose the Regery registrar?

Other registrars
1&1 Ionos
50.00 $/yr

+48.11 $ (+2546%)
50.00 $/yr

+24.01 $ (+92%)
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+8.10 $ (+429%)
49.96 $/yr

+23.97 $ (+92%)
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35.17 $/yr

+9.18 $ (+35%)
34.95 $/yr

+33.06 $ (+1749%)
34.95 $/yr

+8.96 $ (+34%)
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Domain Size
SHOP domain name size should be at least 1 and maximum 63 characters.
Registration Terms
Registration period .SHOP domain name is from 1 to 10 years.
Simple .SHOP Domain Registration
Buy domain you need in the .SHOP zone, register .SHOP domain name and start selling online.
When to Renew?
You can renew a domain name in the .SHOP extension at any time, until the end of the domain’s validity period. You can also use the auto-renewal feature for SHOP domain.
DNSSEC support
Regery supports DNSSEC for SHOP domains name. It is possible to sign domain name zone on registry
Local presence requirements
Domain can be registered without local presence restrictions
Whois Protection for Free
The company provides Free protection of contact information for the domain Whois service. Not all domain areas can use it, please check registry policy for particular domain extension.

SHOP domains

E-commerce is gaining momentum - sales are growing rapidly around the world. For maximum audience reach, you need a “selling” name, and SHOP domains do an excellent job. And to "stake out" a place in a suitable domain space will help you company Regery.

Who needs .SHOP domains

First of all - online shopping. By purchasing .SHOP-domain, you immediately inform potential customers about their intended use. Favor the name and search bots. Analysts claim that online shopping will continue to grow in Western Europe. We list the areas in which you need to register the domain SHOP right now:

  • music;
  • books and office;
  • shoes and clothes;
  • computers and other electronics;
  • childen's goods;
  • interior items;
  • alcohol and delicacies.

Users enjoy wearing caps, T-shirts and other attributes with the logos of opinion leaders. Bloggers, tattoo parlors or barbershop owners can trade in such things. Entrepreneurs do not care about the price of the domain SHOP, because the attachments are repulsed very quickly. Zoos, museum complexes, interest clubs, breweries and wineries are often registered in the mentioned zone. The popularity of crafting alcohol and food is growing - why not sell it all through your virtual store? Even private libraries are moving this way.

Features and Benefits

By acquiring a new name, you get an additional plus in SEO-karma, attract the attention of potential target audience and link your website to the “cool” zonal space. Add here the affordable price of a SHOP domain. We list the main characteristics of the product:

  • openness (everyone is registered);
  • international status (your place of residence does not matter);
  • Cyrillic and other font support;
  • the absence of prohibited by internal rules of names;
  • restriction - 63 characters (maximum limit);
  • information is protected by WHOIS technology;
  • 40-day grace period;
  • affiliation with IANA products;
  • top level gTLD category.

Regery domain name registrar offers to buy a domain SHOP at a bargain price and accompanies you at all stages of configuration. A convenient panel, 24-hour professional technical support - these are our advantages. You get free domain forwarding and redirection of letters. Set up the auto-renew function so you don’t have to worry about payment after the expiration date. And in order to increase the security level, we recommend purchasing an SSL certificate. Sign up now!

Open Domain Area
The domain area SHOP refers to open domain zones of general purpose and does not contain restrictions. Anyone can register SHOP domain for a site, blog, store, services or services.
International Domain Extension
Within the international SERPs is marked priority, making SHOP domain extension profitable investment of material resources.
Discover the full potential of services from Regery for your sit
Alerts & Instant Notifications
Regery services keeps monitoring of your .SHOP domain and cand send priority e-mails and SMS notifications.
Free Privacy Protection for Whois
The company provides Free protection of contact information for the domain Whois service. Not all domain areas can use it, please check registry policy for particular domain extension.
Auto Renew
Clients do not need to worry about forgetting the expiration of the SHOP domain. SSL certificates and all other products will be saved in the account registered in the Regery service.
Free .SHOP Domain Forwarding
On the Regery services a FREE domain visitors forwarding from the .SHOP domain to another is available. This is very convenient if you need to redirect visitors from .SHOP site to a new web resource.
Email Forwarding for Free
Regery services provide Free and easy e-mail forwarding service. You can get email in your gmail address while emails sent to your address in .SHOP domain. Why not?
Transfer Protection .SHOP Domain Name
Transfer protection .SHOP domain name allows you to prohibit the transfer of the domain from your account, and also allows you to prevent changes to your NS servers. The service is provided for FREE of charge on the Regery Services.
Easy .SHOP Domain Transfer
Regery services provide a simple, secure and fast domain transfer process .SHOP to Regery. During a domain transfer, you usually get an extra year of validity for free (not all extensions support it). Also, the transfer can be performed by our specialists, they will process the transfer process for you for free.
Several languages
You can register selected domain name in the SHOP area in your native or English language.
Fast DNS system
Configure all DNS records (MX, A, NS, TXT, ...) in a single system. Url address redirection is free. For example, redirect all visitors from the old site oldstore.SHOP to the new new-ultra-store.SHOP for free.
Convenient Control Panel
Fast and adapted to any device or computer control panel
All Day Support
Regery 24/7 customer support will solve all service issues and will minimize their appearance.
SSL Certificates
You can also purchase an SSL certificate from a famous SSL certification center like Symantec for a domain. You can also get an SSL certificate from Comodo for free.

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