Survive in Ukraine during the war

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War in Ukraine
On February 24, 2022, the whole of Ukraine was engulfed in the chaos of the war. Early in the morning, everyone woke up in a different reality, where the ‘liberators’ began to bomb our land, our cities and our homes.

For 6 years, Regery has been helping everyone build an online business on the Internet at the most affordable prices and with fast support. Technically, all data and computing power are located in large data centers, under reliable protection in Europe.

However, the staff still works from Ukraine. Regery workers process requests almost around the clock, working from bomb shelters or rented flats around the country. Moreover, because of the indiscriminate and massive bombardments, many have lost their homes forever.

Now we need your help and support. We ask for support now to be able to survive and develop the service even faster and better.

We believe in Ukraine, in its independence, our defenders and let peace come!

Regery Team