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Second level domain: what is it and why

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The second level domain is the part of the domain name located on the left side of the dot. That on the right is already a top-level domain or, in other words, a domain extension. For example, the name of the site looks like this:, regery is a second-level domain, com is the first.

To better visualize what a second-level domain is, we give an analogy. A person has a first and last name. The surname emphasizes his connection with the family, clan, that is, a certain group. The name, on the contrary, distinguishes it from the family, emphasizes individuality. That is,  John Smith is a unique John and a representative of the Smith clan at the same time. Also with sites, regery is the first name, com is the last name.

Domain Levels

Domains are organized with a specific hierarchy. They consist of parts called levels. These levels are highlighted with dots.

  1. Top-level domains or domain zones. They cannot be bought because they are owned by a specialized organization - ICANN. They are divided into geographical and thematic. For example, .ru (Russia), .ua (Ukraine), .de (Germany), .photography, .money, .travel and others. But this division is arbitrary. You can register a .de domain in Ukraine.
  2. Second level domains. Registered inside domain zones. Sometimes they can be considered part of a domain extension because some registry operators delimit TLD assignment to second-level domains. For example, the .VC registry operator offers .COM.VC for general use, .ORG.VC for non-commercial projects, and .NET.VC for thematic sites. These three examples are called Country Level Two Domains (ccSLDs).
  3. Domains of the third and subsequent levels are rare. They are assigned to the name of the second category. The site owner can create a large number of addresses based on the main name. Such addresses do not need to be bought. It looks like this: Here 'm.'  is a subdomain that indicates that we have a mobile version.

Level 2 Domain Features

Each second level domain must be unique. This is a prerequisite for registration. The domains and are not the same thing, as they are registered in different domain zones.

Buy a second-level domain can individuals and legal entities. Usually registration takes place in a free form and no additional documents, except for a passport, need be presented. Although for some areas there are restrictions.

Short and long combinations can be used. There is no special difference. But users better remember short names, so do not overdo it with the number of characters.

Registration of a second level domain, as a rule, occurs instantly. The name is checked for uniqueness and compliance with the requirements of the selected coverage area. Names are registered for a certain period - usually for a year. When the expiration date, the domain can be renewed for a fee.

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