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How to create your own domain?

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Domains translate complex IP addresses on the network and make them understandable to users. Each name is unique and can consist of a different number of characters (up to 63). Let's talk about how to create a domain and what it takes.

Step 1. Select a domain zone

It is important to consider why you need a domain and why you will use it. If you plan to conduct business in a specific country, then it is worth stopping at national domains. For example, .ua - Ukraine, .ru - Russia, .de - Germany. If you provide some services or run your own project, then you should look at the thematic names: photography, .money, .travel, .auto. In some areas, individuals and legal entities can buy a domain for a site without any additional documents, in some there are restrictions.

Step 2. Make a Name

When selecting a domain name, you must take into account the specifics of the resource. It is important to take this issue seriously, as it affects the promotion of a site on the Internet. The correct name gives the user brief information about what is on the page and whether to go there. How to create a domain name that will appeal not only to search engines, but also to potential customers?

  • The name must be sonorous. Do not copy others, come up with something creative and original.
  • Do not use long structures and complex phrases. We do not recommend using more than three words.
  • It is better to refuse numbers and dashes if they do not carry semantic or aesthetic value. These characters complicate the perception and are poorly remembered.
  • If you want to create a domain for the company’s website, the name should reflect the specifics of your activity or indicate the name of the company.

You can make your domain even if you don’t have a website yet. This is beneficial because search engines better index resources that are long registered. If you still decide to place your product on the network, then with such a domain promotion will go much faster.

Step 3. Select a registrar and check the name for uniqueness

Determine in which company you want to create a domain. Fill out the form and provide all the necessary information. In the special line, enter the name you came up with and select the domain zone for registration. Check the name for uniqueness. This can be done on the registrar's website or using the whois service. If the name is free, then you can create your own domain. Just fill in the contact details in the questionnaire, select the registration period and pay for the purchase.

If the name is busy, but you really like it, you can change the registration area. For example, if the name is already registered, then may be free. If you just want to find the right name, then use a domain generator. The service will select a free domain according to your wishes.

Step 4. Configure the domain

Usually registration does not take much time. You will get access to your own domain after checking for uniqueness and compliance with the requirements of the selected coverage area. After payment you will receive an email with your account settings.

An important point: the domain must be registered to the name and e-mail you specify. If another person is indicated as the owner, it is better to run from this registrar.

Step 5. Upload the site to hosting

If you already have a website, then transfer the files to the purchased domain. Add a database if you need it or fill out the one that was created automatically when ordering a hosting. It is initially set empty, so just transfer your database there.

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