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Corporate mail on the domain: the main advantages

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Want to register a domain for mail? We offer several options - paid and free domain boxes for the company, the enterprise. How to make shared mailbox and redirects? What are the benefits of domain mail?

Corporate Mail: Benefits

Corporate mail - a virtual mailbox, access to which is open to all members of the company. Makes transparent the virtual communication of different services of an enterprise, department, corporation. Distinguishes between official and personal communication. It also allows company executives to control correspondence by mail on a domain.

Possible options for organizing mail for domains:

  1. Free e-mail box from mail services (for example, e-mail with the domain com).
  2. Dedicated service on a separate hosting.
  3. Own server and personalized mailboxes for the corporation.

A free version of email with mail-type domains is popular with small companies. It is limited in the volume of messages and letters (for example, up to 50 letters per day). In a free service it is also difficult or impossible to redirect mail, deliver reliable anti-spam, remove ads. We recommend the paid option - a dedicated service for your company on gmail.

Benefits of mail on your domain

Corporate e-mail gives business the following opportunities:

  • Mail with its domain provides any name. The name of the address will reflect the nature of your activity, make the addressee recognizable in correspondence.
  • Your newsletter will no longer fall into Spam.

You will manage the mail yourself, distribute and regulate the flow of letters.

Gmail service benefits

This paid service provides the first 14 days of use without payment. You can test the operation of mail and evaluate the quality of service.

Services are provided:

  • cloud storage;
  • collaboration with documents;
  • video chat and voice chat;
  • A wide selection of services.

There are also applications for mobile devices.

How to make mail on a domain

And now step by step instructions:

  1. Select and register a domain to which your mail will be connected.
  2. In the domain settings, add the necessary MX records (at the prompt of the program).
  3. Make the service settings for working with Outlook mail.
  4. To do this, enter the email settings. mail - POP/IMAP server, port, SMTP server and port, webmail address, domain name mail and password.
  5. In Outlook, go to "Files" and select "Add Account."
  6. Next, click “manual configuration or additional server types” below. Select “POP or IMAP Protocol” and enter the account settings in the window.
  7. In other settings, find “Server for outgoing mail” and make it “similar to incoming”.
  8. IMAP server click "default".
  9. In the "Options" select the frequency of delivery of letters. At the end of the settings - add the program to the list of automatically launched when the computer starts.
  10. If necessary, configure forwarding from mail on a domain to any other mail on any domain. This is done in your account or hosting control panel.

Settings are over. Add users through an administrator account.

21 May 2020technology