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Prices for domains in zone .CLOUD

Regery services
8.79 $ 8.69 $/yr
 8.79 $/yr
 8.79 $

Why choose the Regery registrar?

Other registrars
34.06 $/yr

+25.37 $ (+292%)
34.06 $/yr

+25.27 $ (+287%)
1&1 Ionos
30.00 $/yr

+21.31 $ (+245%)
30.00 $/yr

+21.21 $ (+241%)
24.99 $/yr

+16.30 $ (+188%)
24.99 $/yr

+16.20 $ (+184%)
22.06 $/yr

+13.27 $ (+151%)
101 Domain
20.17 $/yr

+11.48 $ (+132%)
15.17 $/yr

+6.38 $ (+73%)
19.99 $/yr

+11.30 $ (+130%)
9.99 $/yr

+1.20 $ (+14%)
17.91 $/yr

+9.22 $ (+106%)
17.91 $/yr

+9.12 $ (+104%)
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Simple .CLOUD Domain Registration

Buy domain you need in the .CLOUD zone, register .CLOUD domain name and start selling online

Whois Data Protection

Hiding Whois contact information is available for the domain in .CLOUD area

When to Renew?

You can renew a domain name in the .CLOUD extension at any time, until the end of the domain’s validity period. You can also use the auto-renewal feature for CLOUD domain.

Open Domain Area

A domain in the CLOUD zone can be registered by anyone, an individual or a corporation.

Registration Period

The minimum registration period of .CLOUD domain is 1 year, the maximum is 10 years.

Domain Range

The length of the domain in the .CLOUD zone is from 2 to 63 letters

Domain CLOUD

The CLOUD domain is suitable for those whose activities are related to cloud storage and hosting. The name has no territorial reference - it is used in any country. There are no restrictions on the status of the owner of the CLOUD domain - both legal entities and individuals can buy it.

Scope of application

Cloud domain is suitable for:

  • Cloud Service Companies
  • Software consultants
  • Computer infrastructure integrators
  • Companies working with databases, blockchain
  • Virtual reality developers

Cloud technologies are used in all professional fields: healthcare, business, education, and finance.


Why buy a CLOUD domain for the cloud?

  • Thematic affiliation - the domain name will reflect the specifics of your activity. With this name you can create a bright and catchy name for your site. So the user before going to the page will be able to make an impression of what you are doing.
  • Multifunctionality - use the resource as you wish. Here you can post materials of any genre and style: description of services, thematic articles, humorous comics. It is possible to use the domain in the cloud zone for personal needs and corporate purposes.
  • Sound and memorability - the name reflects the specifics of your activity, attracts users and increases traffic. Laconic design will help you in Internet promotion.
  • Accessibility - the domain zone is not fully mastered, there are a large number of available names for registration.

CLOUD domain registration

To create a site in the domain zone, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Explore the Internet space. Determine which titles your competitors are using. Analyze their relevance. Choose your favorite combinations.
  2. Come up with your own domain name. It should be short and catchy. Do not use more than three words. It is also better to abandon numbers and dashes if they do not carry any semantic or aesthetic value.
  3. Check the combination for uniqueness. This can be done using special services.
  4. Make a purchase request. To order a CLOUD domain, no additional documents are required. Indicate the name and contact details for communication. Do not delay making money. Until the product is paid, the name remains available to other users.

You can use domain cloud after an instant check for uniqueness and compliance with the requirements of the selected domain zone.

Open Domain Area

The domain area CLOUD refers to open domain zones of general purpose and does not contain restrictions. Anyone can register CLOUD domain for a site, blog, store, services or services.

Generic Domain Extension

.CLOUD - this is a generic domain extension. Common domain zones are used everywhere, regardless of the type of organization.

Take advantage of additional services from Regery today
Free Transfer Protection for .CLOUD Domain

Transfer protection for .CLOUD domain allows you to prevent accidental or intentional transfer of a domain name, and also prohibits anyone from changing your NS servers. The feature is FREE at Regery Services.

Whois Protection for Free

Domain information can be protected for Free using the Privacy Guard feature. Most of domain extensions can use it, but not all. It depends from registry policy.

Easy DNS

Manage your domain host records and create your sub-domains, e-mail, ftp, and website location from easy control panel.

Easy Control Panel

Simple and intuitive control panel interface

Free .CLOUD Domain & URL Forwarding

Forward all visitors of your current domain name 'current-store.CLOUD' to new domain 'new-store.CLOUD' for FREE. Domain & URL forwarding are available for FREE on Regery services.

Email Forwarding for Free

Regery services provide Free and easy e-mail forwarding service. You can get email in your gmail address while emails sent to your address in .CLOUD domain. Why not?

Support IDN

Regery services support domain name registration in any language.

Simple .CLOUD Domain Transfer

Transferring a CLOUD domain to Regery services is a simple and secure process. When transferring a domain, one-year renewal usually takes place for free (depends on the rules of the domain area). Also, we can carry out the process of transferring your. CLOUD domain for you for free.

Alerts & Instant Notifications

Regery services keeps monitoring of your .CLOUD domain and cand send priority e-mails and SMS notifications.

Auto Renew

Clients do not need to worry about forgetting the expiration of the CLOUD domain. SSL certificates and all other products will be saved in the account registered in the Regery service.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock support and prompt response to emerging requests

SSL Certificates

At the moment, security plays an important role in the operation of sites and in order to work the site over a secure HTTPS protocol, an SSL certificate must be enabled. This can be a free SSL certificate from Comodo for 3 months or Let's Encrypt for 3 months, or it can be a well-known SSL certificate from Thawte up to 2 years.

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