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Prices for domains in zone .ENERGY

Regery services
73.99 $ 11.99 $/yr
 73.99 $/yr
 72.69 $

Why choose the Regery registrar?

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98.00 $/yr

+86.01 $ (+717%)
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+66.00 $ (+89%)
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+1.91 $ (+3%)
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Domain Name Range
The length of the domain name in the ENERGY area is from 1 to 63 letters.
Registration Terms
Registration period .ENERGY domain name is from 1 to 10 years.
Simple .ENERGY Domain Registration
Register desired domain in the .ENERGY domain zone and start making money on the Internet.
National Names
The ENERGY domain can contain national letters and words in its name due to the implemented support for the IDN standard.
Renewal Rules
The domain in the .ENERGY area can be extended at any time, but before the end of the domain.
DNSSEC support
Regery supports DNSSEC for ENERGY domains name. It is possible to sign domain name zone on registry
Local presence requirements
Domain can be registered without local presence restrictions
Whois Protection for Free
Domain information can be protected for Free using the Privacy Guard feature. Most of domain extensions can use it, but not all. It depends from registry policy.

Domain area .energy

Modern civilization is built on energy. Are you engaged in the production or sale of energy resources? Then you should start from the ENERGY domain, link a site to it and expand your network presence. At the same time, the industry can be anything - atomic, gas, electric. Renewable sources are gaining popularity - solar power plants and wind turbines. Promoting all this will help the correct choice of the domain zone in our company.

Characteristics of the ENERGY domain extension

Search engines consider domain names as additional ranking criteria. That is why .ENERGY domain will be a good investment. Your field of activity will already be present in the title, which will reduce the number of characters. The main parameters of the energy domain space:

  • Donuts registry;
  • registration period - up to 10 years;
  • online registration;
  • IDN support;
  • the maximum number of characters is 63;
  • WHOIS privacy support.

We provide forwarding and parking of a domain for free, so the registration of the ENERGY domain is associated with certain financial benefits. The zone is of international type, no restrictions for organizations and individuals are provided. You can hide your data, and the preferential recovery of a deleted name lasts 30 days.

The benefits of buying in the .energy area

Legal entities and regular bloggers are freely registered in the mentioned zone. If your site is about renewable energy issues, it's time to get a suitable identifier. We have a built-in search that allows you to buy a domain .ENERGY, having previously checked the name for uniqueness. One more indisputable advantage of Regery is budget prices, you will have to pay at least 30% more on other services. There are other benefits of working with us:

  1. Instant online registration from anywhere in the world.
  2. The high level of popularity of "energy" portals.
  3. Cyrillic font support (this became possible thanks to the IDN format).
  4. Global availability (no restrictions, documents and additional cash costs).
  5. The top level (the domain area ENERGY will significantly expand your influence and strengthen your business).
  6. World-class friendly tech support (we work around the clock).

We offer a general-purpose, multilingual product that is affordable and reliably protected from intruders. In front of you - the world class of services of domains management. A convenient control panel allows you to quickly understand the intricacies of parking and setting additional parameters. You can renew your domain at any time. Buy a domain name on Regery services right now!

Open Domain Area
ENERGY domain zone is open for everyone without restrictions, does not require citizenship or trademark. Suitable for everyone, from individuals and entrepreneurs to large corporations.
IDN Support
A domain name in .ENERGY area can contain national letters as it supports IDN. IDN technique provides the ability to register domains in various languages, the list of them is determined by each specific domain zone. Domain names are stored in punicode format in the form like xn--xxxxx. Regery services automatically convert domain names to a readable format to easily search and register domains.
General Purpose Domain Extension
Traditional general-purpose domain areas are the well-known gTLD zones, such as .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, .INFO, .COM, called generic, classical, or traditional general-purpose domains. All domains in such ares are registered without restrictions and any requirements.
Take advantage of additional services from Regery today
Notifications & Signals
Permanent monitoring of status of your domain name and sending instant notifications by e-mail or by SMS.
Whois Protection for Free
Domain information can be protected for Free using the Privacy Guard feature. Most of domain extensions can use it, but not all. It depends from registry policy.
Validity period of .ENERGY domain is temporary and to ensure that the domain is always in your control, Regery provides customers Free domain auto-renewal service. .ENERGY domain will be automatically renewed at the end of its validity period. If you plan to renew the domain yourself, simply turn off this service in the domain settings.
Free .ENERGY Domain & URL Forwarding
Forward all visitors of your current domain name 'current-store.ENERGY' to new domain 'new-store.ENERGY' for FREE. Domain & URL forwarding are available for FREE on Regery services.
Free Email Redirection
You can forward e-mails which come to your [email protected] to popular email services like gmail to [email protected] With Regery services it is Free and easy.
Free Transfer Protection for .ENERGY Domain
Transfer protection for .ENERGY domain allows you to prevent accidental or intentional transfer of a domain name, and also prohibits anyone from changing your NS servers. The feature is FREE at Regery Services.
Easy .ENERGY Domain Transfer
Regery services provide a simple, secure and fast domain transfer process .ENERGY to Regery. During a domain transfer, you usually get an extra year of validity for free (not all extensions support it). Also, the transfer can be performed by our specialists, they will process the transfer process for you for free.
Support IDN
Regery services support domain name registration in any language.
Fast DNS Service
All records in the domain ENERGY can be configured in the easy control panel. Create resource records, such as: CNAME, A, TXT, NS and others, forward mail from the virtual [email protected] to the real address [email protected] for FREE.
Quick Control Panel
Quick and easy control panel interface
Quality Support
Regery provides high-quality, round-the-clock customer support all 7 days a week
SSL Certificates
You can also purchase an SSL certificate from a famous SSL certification center like Symantec for a domain. You can also get an SSL certificate from Comodo for free.

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