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Domain Parking: Concept and Practice

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Domain Parking is an intermediate stage between the acquisition of the domain and its subsequent operation on the website. It allows you to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the domain, and in some cases — and even earn extra money on it. This term means a special DNS-domain support, which guarantees its smooth operation. It Park gives you the opportunity to create servers that are responsible for different spheres of functioning of the project. So, you can create a separate server for mail, for the portal.

When do I need to use domain Parking?

There are a few moments when you need to use the domain Parking:

  1. The need for domain Parking usually occurs when the user begins to broadcast your project on any third-party resources. This is especially true if the hosting has another provider, or if you use any of your own equipment, which was created on their own.
  2. Parking is required in cases where the user does not have a resource, but has already come up with a domain name. In this case, Parking will help to assign the right name to no one did it faster.
  3. Do not do without the use of Parking and in the case when the user does not have their own servers-DNS, or he does not plan to take DNS from the hosted, which has all its resources.
  4. It is possible to Park a domain by applying it as a way of placing online ads on domains that do not take for resources.

Features of Parking

Such phenomenon as domain Parking is considered to be the most powerful subspecies of click-clubs. Their difference is that people visiting a parked site can get information as close as possible to the one they need, and this is taking into account the fact that visitors get to such a domain by accident.

Parked domains are often confused by visitors with the sites themselves. This is due to the fact that companies offering domain Parking service, apply in their work special templates that are almost identical to the site templates.

From parked domains can make a profit, which is achieved by user clicks on advertisements. The amount of such income depends on the service provided by the parked domain.

Previously, before the emergence of such a phenomenon as Parking domain names, it was possible to connect contextual advertising only to sites with an attendance of 100 people. Now you can reserve a domain to create contextual advertising even for sites with zero attendance.

It matters!

Individual search engines often prohibit parked domains. This usually occurs when portal indexing is not prohibited by a special file robots.txt.

Domain Parking allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining unused domains. According to statistics, today more than 40% of registered domain names are not used. And after all they give the chance let small, but stable earnings. However, the main advantage of such Parking is that it gives employers the opportunity to increase their audience, start advertising, increase their income and include in the list “additional” services.

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