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The most popular domains for registration in 2019

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Register domain in such popular domain zones as .com, .net. info, .biz, is not easy. There are practically no free and beautiful items left. But this does not mean that it is impossible to find a concise and sonorous name. Every year, new domain zones appear on the market, which are rapidly developing and are in demand among Internet users. We bring to your attention the current ranking of domain popularity among Regery customers.

Domain Rating

.XYZ - is actively used both in our country and abroad. The zone has over 1.5 million registered domain names. A good advertisement for the zone was that Google is actively using it as part of its Alphabet holding.

.ONLINE - takes third place in the ranking. It is widely used for its current name.

.CLUB - actively used since 2014. The zone became popular after the 50 Cent rapper created its website there.

.SITE - is an alternative to large zones .com or .ru. It is popular among the Russian-speaking population.

.SPACE is a universal zone gaining popularity. For the first quarter of 2019, 13 thousand new domains were registered.

.TOP - is actively used in 100 countries of the world. Currently, users from more than 100 countries and regions are registered in the zone.

.IO - has no territorial affiliation and is used throughout the world. It gained popularity due to startups that register in the zone.

.ME - is actively used for personal and corporate blogs.

Why new domain extensions are popular

When choosing a domain, the question arises of the relevance of the domain extension. If it is not among the international ones, such as .com, then will it bring the desired audience? Or will the site remain at the back of the internet?

New domain areas appear and develop precisely due to the fact that old international sites are exhausting their capabilities. They have nowhere else to expand and all that remains is to create new extensions. Therefore, do not be afraid to miscalculate with the choice of a domain - the new is not always inferior to the old.

Why are new popular domain names appearing?

  1. There are many free names in the new domain zones. They are not loaded like old platforms. Here you can easily pick up a concise and sonorous name that will help with the promotion of the resource.
  2. Among the new items there are very creative ones that catch the user and encourage him to follow the link. Such domains emphasize the specifics of the project, reflect the direction of activity. These names include .beer, .auto, .capital, and many others.
  3. If the area is rapidly expanding, it is likely in the future to sell the purchased name at a higher price.

To summarize

We examined the most popular domains of the current year. Each of them has its own specifics, however, all are united by the possibility of registration by an individual or legal entity and the absence of restrictions. With this name, you can create a promising project that will be well indexed by search engines and will be popular among Internet users.

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