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Prices for domains in zone .FAITH

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 5.99 $/yr
 2.89 $/yr
 5.99 $

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29.66 $/yr

+23.67 $ (+395%)
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+1.17 $ (+40%)
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Simple .FAITH Domain Registration

Register desired domain in the .FAITH domain zone and start making money on the Internet

Hide Whois Contacts

Whois protection of personal data is allowed for .FAITH domain

Renewal Rules

The domain  in the .FAITH area can be extended at any time, but before the end of the domain.

Open Domain Extension

Domain extension .FAITH is open for domain registration by any person or organization

Registration Terms

The minimum term for registering a domain in the FAITH area is 1 year, the maximum is 1 year.

Domain Name Size

Size of .FAITH domain is in the range from 2 to 63 characters

Domain name registrar, Regery company, makes it easy to register a domain name in a .FAITH area. Thanks to a quick search for available domain names, you can quickly register a domain name you like. Intellectual suggestion engine of domain names allows you to choose the most optimal name or can suggest possible new variants of your request.

Thanks to a flexible infrastructure, domain prices in the zone .FAITH are among the most profitable in the market.

To start searching in the zone .FAITH, enter the desired domain name.

Open Domain Area

FAITH domain zone is open for everyone without restrictions, does not require citizenship or trademark. Suitable for everyone, from individuals and entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Generic Domain Extension

.FAITH is generic domain extension. Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are one of the categories of top-level domains (TLDs) maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for use in the Domain Name System of the Internet. Historically, the group of generic top-level domains included domains, created in the early development of the domain name system, that are now sponsored by designated agencies or organizations and are restricted to specific types of registrants.

Take advantage of additional services from Regery today
Free Domain Locking for .FAITH

Free domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your name servers.

Free Whois Contacts Protection

Protect Whois contact data for domain using Privacy Guard Free service

Simple and fast DNS

Configure your domain records from the domain control panel. Set up subdomains, mail redirection, URLs forwarding, set the location of the site - all services in one place.

Easy Control Panel

Simple and intuitive control panel interface

Free Domain Forwarding & Masking

Redirect your domain name in .FAITH area to your new website for FREE, anyone who opens that domain name in a browser is moved directly to your new website. For example you have old website: my-old-shop.FAITH and you need to move all your visitors to new domain: my-best-store.FAITH, that is possible with Regery services.

Email Forwarding for Free

Regery services provide Free and easy e-mail forwarding service. You can get email in your gmail address while emails sent to your address in .FAITH domain. Why not?

Several languages

You can register selected domain name in the FAITH area in your native or English language

Fast Transfer Support

The transfer process FAITH domain is characterized by the absence of any risk and is created with a few clicks.

Notifications & Signals

Permanent monitoring of status of your domain name and sending instant notifications by e-mail or by SMS.

Auto Renewals

You do not need to watch expiration date to make sure you renew .FAITH domain on time. Auto renew feature keeps your domains, ssl certificates and other products in your account and under your control.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock support and prompt response to emerging requests

SSL Certificates

It is also recommended to connect an SSL certificate to the site so that it can be opened via a secure HTTPS protocol. Regery presents a full set of SSL certificates from well-known brands, such as RapidSSL. Free and cheap Comodo SSL certificates are also available.

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