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.РФ - the national Cyrillic domain of Russia

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Prices for domains in zone .РФ
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.рф (.xn--p1ai) prices 
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Short Domain Extension

Short РФ domain extension  without restrictions. Domain area РФ allows you to register a domain name to everyone. Well suited for URL services, when you need to make a short link from a long link or when you need the shortest possible domain name, for example xyz.РФ

Simple .РФ Domain Registration

Choose a suitable domain in the .РФ domain extension, easily buy .РФ domain name and launch sales online

National Symbols

The РФ domain extension supports national characters in the domain name due to the support of the IDN standard in this zone.

Registration Period

Registration period of .РФ domain name is 1 year

Domain Name Size

Size of .РФ domain is in the range from 2 to 63 characters

Registration of РФ domains

In RuNet, the domain of the Russian Federation is a relatively new phenomenon. Meanwhile, the popularity of the Russian-speaking domain zone is growing rapidly, and there are a lot of reasons for this. The main thing is the desire of the owners of domestic sites to write the address in Cyrillic letters and more effectively promote their brand. The segment is developing rapidly and includes about 900,000 domains.

What makes Russian domains more attractive?

Some SEO optimizers warn against the acquisition of domains in Russian, referring to the difficulty of perception of such addresses by foreign users. In other words, you can rely only on your compatriots, and citizens of the United States will not be able to acquire domains. However, these disadvantages overlap with other advantages:

  • Opportunity to enter the promoted query in the domain name.
  • Convenient positioning for government agencies that are not focused on foreign traffic.
  • Good memorability (suitable for online business cards).
  • You can buy a domain of the Russian Federation at a relatively low price.
  • Now you do not need transliteration (earlier this made it difficult to design advertising banners and commercial ads on third-party resources).
  • Ease of registration.

The key format for the Russian-speaking segment of the world wide web is IDN. The scope of application seems to be limited, but one should not forget about Russians living abroad, as well as citizens of the former Soviet republics. Among these categories of .РФ users, domains are not just in demand, they are quite popular. The native language increases the level of trust in the project and significantly improves usability indicators. Many citizens residing outside of Russia are patriotic and warm to their Cyrillic font.

IDN support and search promotion

IDN-format is quite convenient to use and presuppose an expanded database of characters. In addition, nothing prevents you from registering sites in other languages, because the IDN does not exclude such a possibility. Encoding punycode allows you to translate national names in the format of foreign zones.

Russian domains attract SEO optimizers with the opportunity to promote their project as quickly as possible in the RuNet. The key phrase included in the address bar brings additional visitors to the site. Search engines have a positive attitude to the keys in the name of the resource, which is used by the masters in full.

Here are some more interesting points:

  • DNSSEC technology improves security;
  • easy DNS allows you to effectively manage subdomains;
  • intruders lose the option to redirect foreign name servers;
  • if you monitor the domain, notifications come at lightning speed;
  • simplified registration of РФ domains does not require special knowledge from the site owner.

Summarize. Cyrillic characters in the domain name - a great gift for the owners of many sites. Now it is much more convenient to move into the Russian TOP issue. Order your domain right now!


A domain in the РФ zone may contain non-English letters. The IDN standard provides the possibility of registering COM domain names in various languages, the list of such languages is determined for each domain area independently. Domain names in the DNS system are presented in punycode format. Regery services automatically convert names to a readable format to speed up the selection of a domain and to simplify domain management.

Regional Domain Area

РФ is a regional domain extension (ccTLD). Regional domain areas are assigned to countries, states or regions. Often consist of two characters, for example .RU, .US, .EU, .BZ, .IN. There are also gccTLD domain zones. These include national domain zones (ccTLDs) and it is open to all (gTLDs). These zones include the Micronesian domain extension .FM, which is used for radio and music everywhere.

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Notifications & Signals

Permanent monitoring of status of your domain name and sending instant notifications by e-mail or by SMS.

Auto Renewal Service

The auto renewal service take care of your .РФ domain and renew it on time. You can always enable or disable the auto renewal service.

Free Domain Forwarding & Masking

Redirect your domain name in .РФ area to your new website for FREE, anyone who opens that domain name in a browser is moved directly to your new website. For example you have old website: my-old-shop.РФ and you need to move all your visitors to new domain: my-best-store.РФ, that is possible with Regery services.

Email Forwarding

Forward e-mail from a domain in .РФ area to another e-mail address. With Regery services this is easy.

Transfer Protection .РФ Domain Name

Transfer protection .РФ domain name allows you to prohibit the transfer of the domain from your account, and also allows you to prevent changes to your NS servers. The service is provided for FREE of charge on the Regery Services.

Simple .РФ Domain Transfer

Transfer .РФ domain to the Regery services, it is a simple and secure process. You keep current validity period of the domain and get an additional year for Free. Also, we can carry out the process of transferring your .РФ domain for you for Free.

Support IDN

Regery services support domain name registration in any language.

Easy DNS

Manage your domain host records and create your sub-domains, e-mail, ftp, and website location from easy control panel.

Quick Control Panel

Quick and easy control panel interface

All Day Support

Regery 24/7 customer support will solve all service issues and will minimize their appearance.

SSL Certificates

Regery services also include a lucrative set of SSL certificates from a renowned certificate authority like GeoTrust. Comodo free and cheap SSL certificates are also available.